Rowdy passenger removed from Alaska flight for harassing attendant

Alaska Airlines is reportedly sending a message to its fliers: harass our employees and there will be consequences.

On Sunday, passenger Amber Nelson said she was flying out of Seattle-Tacoma Airport when a male passenger interrupted a female flight attendant during her safety demonstration.

“Before take off from SeaTac the flight attendants ran through their safety rules as they always do. Not all of us were paying very close attention,” Nelson posted on Facebook. “But a man in the row behind me changed all that by calling out "ooh, sexy!" in response to a female flight attendant demonstrating how to use the life vest.”

The attendant reportedly stopped midway through her demonstration, removed her vest and told the disruptive passenger, “You need to be respectful.” But the passenger continued, allegedly replying “'C'mon, I'm just playing with you!'"

Nelson claims the disruptive man was seated between two women who appeared “clearly uncomfortable” throughout the ordeal.

“Every woman I know has been through this kind of degrading experience. We were trapped on a plane with a guy who clearly disrespected women and saw us as his own personal entertainment,” Nelson continued.

When the flight attendant finished her demonstration, she was reportedly seen talking to a few colleagues. Then the man who had been catcalling the flight attendant was asked to collect his bags and escorted from the plane.

Nelson says she was satisfied with the airline’s quick handling of situation and felt “honored” as a female flier.

When reached for comment, an Alaska Airlines spokeswoman confirmed the incident and says the carrier stands by the crewmembers' decision to remove the passenger: "The account on Facebook from our passenger is accurate. We can confirm that a male passenger was removed from flight 520 on Oct 9 from Seattle to Burbank prior to departure.  We stand behind the actions taken by our employees."