No laughing matter: Six Flags Joker coaster gets stuck with riders hanging upside down

The Joker is known for causing chaos and wreacking havoc on the people of Gotham.

Now, a new ride opening this weekend at Six Flags Great Adventure named for the mayhem maker is living up to its name.

On Thursday, coaster enthusiasts and season pass holders were invited to a sneak preview test ride on The Joker roller coaster in Jackson, N.J.

The free-fly coaster features head-over-heel flips, drops and a 120-foot lift outside the confines of the signature green and purple track.

But a FOX 29 reporter caught the coaster malfunctioning just before 1 p.m. during a test run, leaving several riders stuck upside down.

Video shows at least three park goers strapped into the ride, feet dangling above their heads with their heads precariously close to the ground below.

Kristin Siebeneicher, a spokeswoman for Six Flags, told that the riders were safely evacuated from the ride but the coaster had to be shut down for the rest of the day even though it was only open for about an hour. Siebeneicher reiterated that the ride “was running flawlessly nonstop” for the three days prior to the unveiling.”

"It's a new ride and new rides occasionally need to be tweaked," she said.

The Joker is the 14th coaster at the Six Flags Great Adventure park. The ride is still scheduled to open to general public this Saturday, May 28.