Go back in time to the Renaissance

This time of year, families are itching to get outside and enjoy the last warm days of the season. For some, it means a trip to the pumpkin patch, and for others it means a trip back in time.

The Northern California Renaissance Faire at Casa de Fruta in Hollister, Calif. has for 50 years has been letting visitors go back to a magical era of lords and maidens and spells and potions.

"It's a time to come back and step in history, how the live and how they act, how they feel, and what life was like," said Rick Fuller who traveled from Reno, Nev.

The Northern California Renaissance Faire, one of the oldest in the country, features an action packed full contact jousting show with sword fighting knights.

"It's a battle. We joust, sword fight and the last man standing is the champion," said Greg Hopla head knight owner of the international theatrical jousting show World Tournament of Champions

The knights ride a horse carrying a shield and a 9-foot-long lance,  riding at each other and trying to knock their opponent off the horse.

"It's like a football player coming off a horse and hitting the ground, it does hurt a little bit," said Hopla who's suffered past injuries like torn ligaments and broken bones.

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The knights also sword fight with a variety of weapons to make the event more entertaining. From ball and chains, to axes, to swords and two-handed swords.

"It's a chance to suspend your disbelief and use your imagination. Every little girl wants to be a princess and every little boy wants to be a knight. It's fun," said actor Lance Solo.

The fair features period-themed character like Sir Francis Drake to Queen Elizabeth. And it's a place to show off the Renaissance fashion.

"We get to wear our costumes. And dress up, we like to dress up, it's so fun out here," said said Angela Haury and Lisa Mcconnell who both have been coming to the fair for about 30 years.

Kids love coming out to the fair, and a new feature for children of all ages is the Enchanted Garden where fairies and woodland creatures lurk.

"I think it's the coolest place ever it's a time where you can dress up in crazy costumes and you can go back in time," said Eve Lyford.

Try a different kind of fair this fall, and live out your dungeons and dragons fantasy.

The fair is held every Saturday and Sunday from Sept. 15 through Oct.14. Admission is $25 at the gate, children 12 and under are free. Weekend passes are $35.  Check the website for more information and two-for-one deals.