Cape Cod's family-friendly activities

Cape Cod is known for its natural beauty, historic sites and charming towns. It is also a great tourism destination for families. There are loads of fun activities and places to visit that your children will love. Make sure to check out these destinations on your next visit to the Cape.

The Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch

If you are suffering from landlocked blues, you can always drive out to the tip of Cape Cod and join the Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch of Provincetown for adventure. As these magnificent mammals emerge from the water, the Dolphin Fleet is there to show you every moment. The Dolphin Fleet boats are all designed specifically for whale watching with absolute attention paid to customer comfort. They limit the number of voyagers permitted on-board so that every customer takes in the very best sights possible. Aside from your sun block, sunglasses and layers of clothes, you should take your camera. The whales and gorgeous scenery all present ample opportunities to capture wonderful photographs. Previous whale watchers have encountered humpback, minke, and fin whales, among others. On top of that, naturalists join every whale watching vessel to explain the ecology and marine life of the region. Kids will love the adventure, and parents will love the educational value.

The Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre

The drive-in theatre was a staple of the American movie-going experience. Unfortunately, these once ubiquitous theatres have declined in number drastically in recent decades. But this cinema tradition is maintained by Wellfleet, which was founded in 1957 and retains all the nostalgia from that era. There’s also a snack bar and playground so your kids can enjoy simple pleasures while the adults can spend time at the beer garden. The Wellfleet Drive-In is a thriving piece of American history that the whole family will love.

Cape Cod’s Children Museum

The Cape Cod Children’s Museum offers opportunities for your children to expand their minds. "Cape Cod Magazine" listed the Children’s Museum as one of the best activities on the Cape. There is a pirate ship, a puppet theater and a sand room. You can also explore the far reaches of the galaxy in the planetarium. Beneath the colossal dome, the museum staff will teach kids about the solar system while everyone gazes up at the beautiful constellations and astronomical wonders. You can also have your child’s birthday party at the Children’s Museum. Additionally, the museum has a perpetually rotating lineup of edifying exhibits. If your family loves it, you might want to consider a second trip.

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