Boy bursts into tears after parents announce surprise trip to Disney

It’s the Happiest Place on Earth. So why does it make this kid burst out into tears?

Disney World is known for prompting a range of emotions from unsuspecting Mickey fans.

Sometimes they scream.

Sometimes they sob uncontrollably.

But for 8-year-old Sean Curtin, the excitement was just too real to keep inside.

Sean’s parents—Tanya and Brian Curtin—told ABC that their son was upset they had pulled him out of school on the last day. Tanya Curtin at first offers her despondent son the option of going to laser tag. When that idea proves unpopular, she hands him a box.

"We got this in the mail today," Curtin says in the video.

Inside, Sean found four MagicBands—used as Disney currency, hotel room door openers, ride access passes and more—for a seven-day trip to Disney with the whole family.

The eight-year-old is overcome with emotion and quickly bursts into tears. Without uttering a word, he hugs his mom.

"My son's reaction shows how sweet and appreciative of a boy he is," Brian Curtin said.

Sean may be a sensitive soul but his sister played it cool. Seated in the car seat next to him, she appears pretty unfazed by whole ordeal.