Airport employee busted for taking selfie on plane wing

The selfie phenomenon has swept the world, but one place taking a picture of yourself is still forbidden is on the wing of an airplane.

Who knew?

On Thursday night, an American Airlines plane was temporarily taken out of service after an employee working at Logan International Airport in Boston climbed onto the wing to snap a photo of himself.

According to Ashley Troutman of, a witness noticed an employee of SwissPort climbing onto the wing of a plane to take a selfie and contacted the authorities to report the incident.

The employee had a security badge, which allowed him in the area where the incident occurred, but the access was taken away from him as a result of his actions. To ensure that the selfie-taking man didn’t do any damage to the wing of the plane, the airline removed the aircraft from service until a maintenance team could examine it for potential damage.

Massachusetts State Police arrived at the scene to respond to the incident, but did not arrest the man or press charges. The man was removed from the property by the police, though.

The authorities are allowing Massachusetts Port Authority officials handle the situation now. No flights were delayed.

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