Zombies Lurch Their Way Through New York City to Promote New Zynga Game

As a way of promoting its new game "Zombie Swipeout," Zynga unleashed a horde of zombies on the unsuspecting citizens of New York and San Francisco. We sent out a brave photographer on the rainy streets of Manhattan, who managed to capture a number of photos before succumbing to the undead.

"Zombie Swipeout" is a mobile social game whose players compete against friends to kill as many zombies as possible in weekly tournaments. The game is a sequel to "ZombieSmash!" where players must guide Joey, the lone survivor from that title, to safety. The game will be released in the coming weeks for Android and iOS.

We caught up with the zombies, who were handing out "blood pops" (hibiscus mint-flavored lollipops) to victims onlookers, but they will be making their way up to Columbus Circle by 1:30 pm.