Windows 7 or Windows 8? Maingear Gives Gamers Buying Options

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Retail laptops and desktops won't be the only computers preening around with a fresh new coat of Modern-style paint today. The boutique system builders over at Maingear just dropped us a line to let us know that it, too, will be offering Windows 8 in its lineup of high-end gaming offerings going forward.

One of the big reasons to go to a boutique system builder is their superior hardware and software flexibility compared to the big guys, and Maingear's keeping that in mind with the jump to the new operating system. The company plans to continue offering Windows 7 as an alternative "for a limited time," which we take to mean "until Microsoft stops selling it to us."

Maingear's complete line of gaming notebooks now offer Windows 8 as an option, from the diminutive Pulse 11 all the way up to the behemoth Nomad 17. Speedy boot times and a bevy of under-the-hood improvements may entice gaming enthusiasts, but the mouse-unfriendly Modern interface could just as likely drive them back into Windows 7's aging arms. No matter which operating system you choose, Maingear tosses in lifetime labor and phone support for its products.

MSI recently announced plans to start shipping its GT60 and GT70 gaming laptops with Windows 8 as well, but didn't mention any ongoing support for Windows 7. Most manufacturers seem prepared to jump to Windows 8 whole-hog. Boutique builders like Maingear may be the best bet for gamers still hoping to buy a Windows 7 notebook after existing inventories wear thin, though Dell has also said it plans to continue offering Windows 7 as an option on Alienware gaming PCs for as long as possible.