What We'd Really Like to See in a New iPhone

A YouTube video showing what a fantasy version of the iPhone could do has captured the imagination of millions.

The video shows a finger-nail thin handset with futuristic features including a laser keyboard and holographic projection like something out of "Iron Man."

In fact, the clip has more in common with the 2008 superhero flick than you may think -- both are pure science-fiction.

The video was created by visual effects company Aatma Studios and shows what Apple fans would love to see in a new handset, rather than what they'll actually get.

In reality, the iPhone 5 -- which is expected to be released this October -- may be buttonless and have a larger screen area than its predecessor, but it's unlikely to break too many rules.

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Still, Aatma's video has racked up more than 4 million views on YouTube since being posted last week. One YouTuber named "Fuz" said he was waiting for the iPhone to include his own favorite features before buying it.

"I'll wait for iPhone 6, I'm told that will have a fully functional and playable version of 'snake'," he said.

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