Skype Preview Now Available for Windows Phone 8

Skype Preview is now available for Windows Phone 8, bringing the popular voice and video chatting service to Microsoft's new mobile operating system. Skype is accessible through People Hub, which is the contact list for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Users can log in to Skype using either a Windows account or a Skype account, but there's still no word about both of these accounts merging, despite Skype being owned by Microsoft.

The Skype mobile application offers voice and video chatting over both Wi-Fi and 4G data connection and is appealing for users with lower data caps. Skype is also commonly used to International calls, since the cost to place calls is cheaper than with traditional phone plans.

Windows Phone 8, currently available on the Nokia Lumia 920, is the highly anticipated mobile operating system that rivals Google's Android and Apple's iOS. Skype has long been available on both Android and iOS devices, so Microsoft needs to meet and exceed user's expectations if they want to establish a significant market share.