PODPAD Document Scanner Cuts the Cord for Portable Productivity

Do you find yourself frequently needing to scan documents on the run? A portable document scanner can help cut back on the time you spend driving around looking for a FedEx Kinkos, and Genius's new PODPAD Mobile Document Scanner could eliminate hassles even further with its wire-free document transfers.

The magic happens with the help of the PODPAD app, which is available for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices. Hopefully an iPhone app will be forthcoming. Documents scanned into the mobile scanner wirelessly transfer to your phone via a Bluetooth connection, appearing in the form of a handy-dandy PDF file.

The scanner itself handles paper sizes up to 8.5-by-14-inches at a claimed rate of six pages per minute. The PODPAD Mobile Scanner isn't completely wireless, however. You'll need to plug the device in to a power source using an included wall plug or car lighter adapter to coax it into working. Nor is it completely reliant on a phone connection: when you're at home, you can connect the PODPAD to your computer with an included USB cable, which then makes it function like any other wired document scanner.

Genius claims the PODPAD is lightweight and durable, but it didn't disclose exact size and weight information. A video on the PODPAD website certainly makes it look larger than the Editors' Choice award-winning Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100, though the PODPAD still looks plenty portable enough.

If you're interested in checking the PODPAD out, the portable scanner will retail for $219.99 through the end of the year, at which point it will bump up to $249.