Nintendo Switch sales surpass 4.7 million

Everyone working at Nintendo will have a big smile on their face right now due to the successful launch of the Switch hybrid console. And those smiles will be even bigger today as hardware sales close in on five million units.

As reported by IGN, the latest financial result released by Nintendo show that the switch has now sold over 4.7 million units. That's an additional 1.96 million units since the 2.74 million Nintendo shipped and sold during the console's first month on sale.

As for Switch games, sales are also very impressive. While Zelda: Breath of the Wild was initially selling more than the Switch, it has now slipped back to 83 percent ownership. However, that still means Nintendo sold 3.92 million copies. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is even more impressive, achieving 3.54 million sales even though it was only released on April 28. Arms also managed 1.18 million sales, which is all the excuse Nintendo will need to make a sequel.

Before this week is over the New 2DS XL will go on sale in the US and across Europe. That doesn't seem to have stopped previous models in the 3DS range selling, though. Nintendo managed to sell almost a million more 3DS during the last quarter and 5.85 million games. While those figures are lower when compared to last year, that's still a clear sign of a healthy market. Amiibos are also doing surprisingly well, selling 1.6 million figures and 1.3 million card packs.

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Considering how dire sales were for Wii U, it wasn't going to be hard for Nintendo to beat last year's figures. In total, revenue reached $1.4 billion (up 149% on last year), translating to a profit of $190 million.

With the Switch still in very high demand, we shouldn't expect anything other than more good news when the next quarter results eventually appear. And we can't forget that before then we'll see the release of Super Mario Odyssey. Let's hope that doubling of Switch production really is happening.

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