Microsoft's Windows Store Embraces Indie Developers, 82 New Countries

Good news for the folks who think that the Microsoft's Windows Store is suffering from a dearth of useful apps: the floodgates are now officially open and hopefully, more Modern-style apps will be available for three-finger swiping sometime soon. Up until now, only qualifying companies were allowed to submit Windows 8 Apps, but today, Microsoft announced that indie developers can start submitting apps as well.

The company also added 82 new app submission markets, meaning that developers from 120 different regions worldwide can start slapping together code for Modern-style apps. When Windows 8 actually touches down on October 26th the company hopes to offer the Windows Store in more than 200 areas and 100 different languages.

As a token of ongoing appreciation -- and a way to drive app development as well, no doubt -- Microsoft is also offering a free 1-year Windows Store developer account to certain MSDN subscribers and students enrolled in the DreamSpark technical education initiative. Companies enrolled in BizSpark, a startup-focused program, will also receive developer subscription discounts.

Earlier in the year, Microsoft outlined the pricing scheme for Windows 8 apps. While it's possible to list an app for free, premium apps start at $1.49 and can be sold for as much as $999.99, with prices increasing in $0.50 increments. Microsoft takes a 30 percent cut of the proceeds until the app hits $25,000 in sales, where the royalty drops to 20 percent.