Microsoft and Nokia to Host Windows Phone Event on Sept. 5

Well look what we have here. Nokia and Microsoft have just sent us an invitation for an event on Sept. 5, which will undoubtedly have to do with Redmond's upcoming Windows Phone 8. Previous rumors had Windows Phone 8 hitting the market sometime around October or November.

The Sept. 5 time frame, however, fits perfectly with the start of Nokia's Nokia World event, which runs from Sept. 5 to the 6th. Sept. 5 is also significant, because it is one week before Apple's rumored Sept. 12 iPhone 5 launch event.

Rumors have been circulating for quite some time, that Microsoft would try to undercut Apple's announcement, and if the iPhone 5 does, in fact, make its big debut on Sept. 12, Microsoft will have accomplished its goal.

We'll bring you live updates on the event as it happens. Stay tuned.