LinkedIn for iPad: An Easy Way to Stay Connected

LinkedIn has come to iPad, and with it brings networking on the go. The app allows you to connect with someone you just met instead of forgetting in the time it takes you to get to your notebook, and log in.

To get started, download LinkedIn from Apple's App Store. After logging in, the home screen gives you three options: You can tap All Updates which takes you to a screen where you can view your calendar, who's viewed your profile and your connections' activity as well as news that your connections have read; You, which links to your profile; and Inbox, which takes you to your messages and invitations.

The Calendar feature in the All Updates section is especially cool, because once you add your personal calendar you can view information on contacts you share meetings with. For example, if you have a big marketing meeting with a new client, you can learn about them through LinkedIn's Calendar before meeting in person to get an edge. And you can get to know your connections better with the Instagram feature, where you can view the Instagram photos they upload.

On your Profile page, you can view your resume and experience as well as who has viewed your profile, people you may know and connections. If you want to share an update on your Profile, tap Share An Update and type in your message. Then select who you'd like to share it with: You can choose all of LinkedIn or individual groups you belong to within LinkedIn. An arrow button on the top navigation bar also lets you send your profile either to your connections or to email contacts.

By clicking on the Profile, You or or Inbox header in the top navigation bar, you can go back to the home screen. You can also get to the home screen by tapping on the blue 'in' button in the left of the top navigation bar. A Search For People bar in the right of the top navigation bar on every screen allows you to search within your contacts or for someone outside of your connections.

LinkedIn for iPad is easy to use and comes with some cool, new features such as Calendar. Although LinkedIn is not one of the most popular social networking sites, perhaps the portability and accessibility that the iPad app provides will boost its overall appeal.