Lamborghini will offer its sell-out Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce as a roadster

Similar to how film producers view movie sequels, the logic among automakers is that if a vehicle is a hit the first time, the follow-up will be at least as successful.

It took Lamborghini just three months to sell out of its $493,000 Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce, and that kind of sales success doesn't go unnoticed at a German-owned automaker like Lamborghini.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has confirmed plans for an Aventador Superveloce Roadster. Winkelmann stated that the sports car manufacturer is already taking orders for 500 units of a "top-tional" version of its hardcore Aventador.

As with the roadster version of the standard Aventador, expect the SV Roadster to borrow its coupe sibling's 6.5-liter V12 engine, which develops 750 horsepower and 507 pound-feet of torque. Its motor is mated to a seven-speed ISR transmission and all-wheel drive to propel the SV to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds and on to a top speed of 217 mph. Those figures might be fractionally slower for the Roadster, but expect its removable carbon fiber roof and undiminished aerodynamics to keep the Roadster lightning fast.

Like almost all Roadster versions before it, The Aventador SV Roadster will cost a premium over the coupe. Something like $80,000 extra seems about right. Compared to the standard Aventador, in addition to 50 extra horsepower, "SV" buys you an aggressive aerodynamic body with added downforce, reduced weight of 110 pounds, and a retuned suspension.

Expect the Aventador LP 750-4 SV Roadster to debut before year's end, but all 500 units might be sold out before the "common man" ever gets a chance to see it.