Kim Komando on Amazon public profiles, best TVs, hacked cameras, and more: Tech Q&A

Amazon Public Profile

Q: You mentioned that most of us have a social media presence on Amazon. I never signed up for that! How can I remove mine? This is a violation of my privacy!

A: We don't often think of our “Amazon profile.” However, that's precisely what it is. Your profile is created automatically, whether you want it or not, and it contains comments, ratings, public wish lists, biographical information, and other site interaction. This profile doesn't include your purchases or your browsing history, but it's very informative. I suggest you remove it. Tap or click here to learn how to get rid of your Amazon public profile for good.

Tracking Infidelity

Q: I am almost certain my spouse is cheating on me. How can I be sure? Can I see where he has gone by looking at his phone?

A: Before we get technical, talk with your spouse. Infidelity usually occurs when the marriage has issues, and these can often be worked out. That said, yes, technology offers telltale signs that someone is cheating. Some signs are behavioral; when someone is standoffish and glued to a phone, always receiving unidentified texts in the middle of the evening, these can seem pretty dubious. To find out, you may have to root through your spouse's phone. Again, I don't suggest doing this, but this kind of espionage might lead you to the truth. Tap or click here for digital signs that your significant other is cheating.

Free Microsoft Office

Q: You were talking on your show about how to get Microsoft Office for free. I wasn’t able to write it all down. What’s the secret way?

A: We’re so accustomed to writing and saving Word documents the traditional way, many people are unaware that Office has its own apps. You could theoretically write an entire book on your phone, create spreadsheets, or develop a PowerPoint presentation, and never pay a dime. There are significant limitations, of course; most people don’t want to type long documents on a phone or tablet, and you can’t easily save or export documents. There are other ways to use Microsoft Office, such as going to the Office website and using the online version. There’s also the old-fashioned way: become a student (or find a student) to get a significant discount. Tap or click here for all the ways to get Microsoft Office for free.

Best TV Options

Q: I would like to buy a new TV. Which ones do you recommend? I trust your advice.

A: Most of us haven't rushed out to buy a large-screen TV because of its 4K capabilities unless there was some bargain. Now, 4K TVs are more affordable than ever, and some models are worth the investment. The mind-blowing pixilation works best with pro sports, blockbuster action movies, and ultra-scenic TV series like “Planet Earth,” but everyone can enjoy that vivid picture – and it’s hard to go back. So if you’re going to upgrade, 4K is a great way to go. Tap or click here for the best big screen and 4K TV deals

Secure Security Cameras

Q: I have smart security cameras in my house. How can I make sure hackers aren’t able to get into my network and see the cameras?

A: Once you start investing in a smart home, you open yourself up to potential hacks. Such intelligent gadgets are referred to as “the Internet of Things.” The most basic protection is to use a virtual private network (VPN), which is very difficult for hackers to crack. You should also change all default passwords and keep each of the device’s firmware updated. Switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you don’t need them. As for your security cameras, these are a real hazard because they can capture intimate moments and alert criminals when you’re not at home. Tap or click here to watch a quick DIY video about locking down your cameras, router, and more.

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