Is Apple making an iPhone for your face?

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Although Apple CEO Tim Cook seems to favor the Nike Fuelband over Google Glass, that doesn’t mean the iPhone maker isn’t experimenting with wearable tech. A newly published Apple patent details Oculus Rift-esque goggles capable of displaying 3D media.

The patent’s language describes the device as a personal display system for viewing content such as movies or TV shows on the go. The outer cover of this headset could be made to resemble ski or motorcycle goggles and could be replaceable to allow for customization.

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These goggles may include two displays to depict images in front of each eye, and could be configured to display different images for each eye. This would give images and video a 3D effect, according to the patent.

Not only would this headset serve as a portable entertainment device, but it could also improve the viewing experience for users with impaired vision. Instead of having to awkwardly place the headset over your prescription lenses, the patent describes technology that could adjust the image sent to each lense to compensate for eyesight issues.

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The patent isn’t an indication that Apple will release such a device, but it does provide further evidence that wearables is an area of interest for the company. The technology described in the patent appears to be different than current smart glasses in that it is made for viewing media. Current headsets, such as Google Glass and the Vuzix M100, display a small transparent screen in the corner of your eye for reading quick headlines or sending messages. Apple’s concept, however, sounds like more of an immersive viewing experience.