Top 10 touch-friendly gloves

Staying warm through winter is key, but for tech junkies, keeping connected to your favorite devices is even more important. While texting addicts once had to remove their gloves and face the season’s bitter chill just to send a message, some phones such as the Galaxy Note 3 allow you to text through cloth. However, if your phone doesn’t have this feature, there are now a plethora of winter gloves that will interact just fine with a touchscreen. Whether you’re a professional snowboarder or are seeking the finest in snow-season fashion, you’ll probably find something to like in our breakdown of the best tech-friendly gloves.


    Hammacher Call Me Gloves ($79)

    Being able to take a call with your gloves on is great, but what if you could do so without even touching your phone? That's Hammacher's aim with the new $79 men's and women's Call Me gloves, which pair wirelessly with your device via Bluetooth. With a speaker in the left thumb and microphone in the left pinky, all you need to do is make the classic "call me" gesture to use your glove as a makeshift cell phone. The left glove has buttons for answering and ending calls, and the set supports an estimated 12 hours of talk time after charging via the included USB adapter. You may look like you're talking to an imaginary friend when using these black acrylic gloves, but at least your device won't catch frostbite. More: 6 Hottest Smartphones Right Now

    Newer Technology NuTouch Gloves ($9)

    Made from a soft cotton mix, the NuTouch Gloves feature a conductive fiber in all 10 fingertips, so you can swipe, tap and scroll with any fingers you choose. Available in Charcoal and in small, medium, large or X-large, the gloves come with a one-year warranty. Normally $19.99, these tech-friendly gloves are on sale for just $9 during the holiday season.
    Newer Technology

    Mujjo Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves ($123)

    If looking good this winter is just as important to you as protecting your digits, you might want to invest in Mujjo's $123 Leather Crochet touchscreen gloves. Made from Ethiopian lambskin and Egyptian cotton, these all-black gloves combine a stylish crochet exterior with a sleek leather interior that will let you text and take calls with ease. These gloves offer more than high fashion, as their built-in nanotechnology allows you to embrace all of your device's multi-touch features.

    Seirus Men's Heatwave Soundtouch All-Weather Gloves ($49)

    Can't hit the slopes without your iPhone? Seirus has the solution with its $49 Heatwave Soundtouch all-weather gloves. Featuring the company's waterproof Weathershield exterior and inner UltraGrip for ski enthusiasts, the form-fitting Heatwave gloves are sturdy enough for a long day navigating your favorite mountain. When you need to switch up your playlist or make a call, the built-in Soundtouch pads will work seamlessly with your touch device. From the moment you first hit the snow to the minute you call your best friend to boast about your new jump record, Seirus' Heatwave gloves make a worthy winter companion.

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    Dick's Sporting Goods

    Isotoner's smartTouch 2.0 Matrix Nylon Gloves ($44-45)

    If you're looking to express yourself with bold colors while you surf the web in frigid weather, Isotoner's smartTouch 2.0 Matrix Nylon gloves might be for you. Available for men and women, these nylon-covered accessories have a special thread on the thumb, pointer and middle finger tips for easy smartphone usage. Men have a choice of navy, black, black/grey, and black/oxford heather, while the women's version comes in a more expansive palette that includes hot pink, lime, orange, and sea mist blue.

    Zensah Smart Running Gloves ($29)

    While there are plenty of gloves that break the barrier between your fingers and touchscreen, Zensah's Smart Running Gloves are built specifically with techy athletes in mind. These black gloves have reflective white stripes on the outer fingers for staying visible in the dark, as well as a shiny, sleek fabric across the thumb, pointer, and middle fingertips for easy touchscreen usage. The gloves are made out of Zensah's 4-way stretch material, and feature an anti-moisture suede thumb for wiping away sweat after an intense session of texting while running. More: Top iPad Alternatives

    Joy Factory eGloves ($24.95)

    Joy Factory's eGloves have strategically placed sensors in their fingertips that respond to the users' touch on their smartphone or tablet. The gloves are made from a knitted acrylic fiber, so users will experience comfort while they're completing tasks on their touch-screen devices. Available in Gray and Gray/Black Strip.
    Joy Factory

    Alphyn Wearcom Touchscreen Gloves ($19.50)

    These gloves, available in Camel, Black, Charcoal and Heather Gray, feature conductive fingertips and a cotton/spandex synthetic blend for ultimate softness and stretch. Plus, a double ribbed cuff with Alphyn embroidery secures the gloves to your wrists. Available in small/medium and large/Xlarge.

    Verloop Marston Tech Gloves ($32)

    Verloop takes tech gloves to a fun and playful new plateau. The Marston Tech Gloves feature a bright, orange/purple/yellow/red striped pattern with silver fingertips that let you flash a little flair while working on your touch-screen device. The fingertips are made from 100-percent silver conductive yarn, and the rest of the gloves are 100-percent acrylic.

    Agloves Grip Touch ($29.99)

    These 10-finger touch gloves not only let you text and use your smartphone outside in the cold, but, with their gripper dots, also ensure that your slippery iPhone 5 or Windows Phone 8X doesn't slip out of your hands and shatter. Real silver was integrated into the gloves for maximum warm and high conductivity. A snug cuff keeps the wind out, while the ergonomic design has a unisex fit.
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