Interactive summer learning apps for your kids

Keep the brain juices flowing this summer; download these apps for your kids.

Math equations and books are probably the last thing on your child's mind this summer, but a fun download on your smartphone or iPad could have them thinking differently -- and have them cracking a book and learning.

Sushi Monster
Strengthen math skills with the fun to play Sushi Monster. The free app will have your kids honing their addition and multiplication skills, the game being speed and accuracy with the goal of feeding the monster.

They'll also have to strategize throughout the game, selecting numbers from the sushi counter to make it through the 12 (7 addition, 5 multiplication) sequenced levels. Each step has four rounds to go through before the player has a chance to slay the next monster.

Download Sushi Monster: Apple iTunes
Mobilewalla score: 82 out of 100

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Make reading fun and more enjoyable with the Storia eReading app. The scholastic download comes with five free books, with the option to download your choice of story from a collection of picture, chapter, and interactive books.

The e-books vary in level for ages 3 to 14 and are customizable with audio narration, pronunciation tools, phonics and other vocab activities. For advanced readers there is the option to take notes within the story, highlight key points, and access videos for further real-world information.

Parents can monitor their child’s progress as they swipe through the pages.

Download Storia: Apple iTunes
Mobilewalla score: 76 out of 100

Kids can create their own adventure tale while learning sentence structure with SparkleFish. The app comes with four free stories and the option to purchase more.

Personalize stories by using your own voice to fill in adjectives, nouns, verbs and other kinds of words to complete silly stories.

Download SparkleFish: Apple iTunes
Mobilewalla score: 23 out of 100

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