High-tech gadgets for the back-to-school bound

It's almost time to hit the books again.

But this year, papers and projects, research and rulers should be no problem. The students in your lives will be ready to succeed with these high-tech gadgets in their backpack.

Make sure they get the rest they need and make it to class on time using TimeCommand. The app-enhanced audio alarm clock is customizable to soothe a student to sleep with relaxation sounds and wake them up with different noises and lights. The integrated app intelligently transfers alarms from an iPhone, iPod or iPad and will sound even if that device isn't plugged in.

The Wake-by-Light alarm feature can be used in conjunction with the audio alarm; the lamp will turn on as the alarm sounds its wake-up siren. The alarm lets one choose from pre-programmed sounds or a favorite song, and even check the weather.

TimeCommand retails for $99.95.

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Download TimeCommand app: Apple iTunes

IRIScan Book 2
If a big research paper is due, help them easily scan reference books with the lightweight, portable IRIScan Book 2. It’ll save time and paper -- and save a student's back from a half-ton totebag of books.

The $129 battery-powered gadget captures information from books and magazines without ripping the pages out and scans in both black and white and color.

To get the information onto a computer, tablet or iPad, simply connect the scanner with the included USB cable or MicroSD card. The scanner can import pages and papers as PDFs, Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets that are fully editable and searchable.

Here’s how it works:

Ready Clips
The well-prepared student should have an AViiQ Ready Clip or two conveniently in the pocket for on the go USB charging and syncing of those omnipresent iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The pen-sized, $12.99 clips eliminate the need for annoying cords and wires for transferring data.

Griffin’s Binder Insert Case
For those who use an iPad as a textbook, to take notes or as a quick reference, securely clip your device into your binder with Griffin’s Binder Insert Case.

The $24.99 holder also comes with a free Quizzam! app download, an interactive app that allows teachers to monitor classroom participation. With it, they can create a pass-code protected classroom, and students can join the network to answer quiz questions during class.

Encouraging class participation, the Buzz-in mode shows the order in which students buzz in answers, making it easy to identify who answers quickest. The multiple-choice mode identifies which students answer questions correctly, sorting by speed of response.

Download Quizzam!: Apple iTunes