Hands On With the New Line of myCharge Affordable Portable Chargers

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These days, we're carrying more devices than ever, from smartphones to tablets to ereaders to mp3 players. All too often we'll forget to plug one in to charge, realizing our mistake only after it's too late and the device we need is already dead. In comes myCharge, which unveiled an entire new line of portable chargers and affordable prices here at CES Unveiled 2013.

Our favorite was probably the AMP 2000, which was roughly the size and weight of a pack of M&M minis. This unit was complete with a microUSB port for charging the unit and a full-sized USB port for charging any connected devices. The battery is just large enough to provide about one full charge of an iPhone or about three quarters charge of the larger capacity Samsung Galaxy S III. It might not be the best unit for emergencies or travel, but is great solution if your battery tends to drop low by mid-afternoon.

We were also impressed by the Hub 3000, which is dubbed the "Swiss Army Knife" of portable power devices for a good reason. All cables and connectors are built in, including a charger for Apple's new Lightning port. Each charger is inside a soft rubber attachment that fits securely into the side of the device. The Hub 3000 can charge up to three devices at once thanks to the integrated connectors. This device plugs directly into a wall outlet to charge, providing a faster fill than charging via USB.

Prices range depending on the unit's size and capacity, but these chargers have an affordable entry point. The AMP 2000 retails for just $29.99. The most expensive of the new line is the Hub 9000, which costs $129.99 and is high-capacity brother of the $79.99 Hub 3000.

The new myCharge portable chargers are being released in groups between April 2013 and July 2013 based on make and model. They will be available both online and in select retail stores.