Dita Von Teese shows off first 3D printed gown

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This printer can handle curves.

Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese modeled a very revealing gown recently with a unique twist: It was printed rather than sewn.

The gown was built by 3D printing company Shapeways, using a cutting edge 3D printer that builds solid objects by layering lines of a variety of materials -- Nylon, in this case. The gown was designed by Michael Schmidt and 3D modeled by architect Francis Bitonti based on the Fibonacci sequence.

It was assembled from 17 pieces, dyed black, lacquered and adorned with over 13,000 Swarovski crystals to create a sensual flowing form.

“The entire dress was designed on an iPad, refined over Skype, rendered digitally by Francis and sent to Shapeways for printing, an entirely virtual endeavor,” Schmidt said, according to Wired.

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Von Teese showed off the gown Monday, Mar. 4, at the Ace Hotel in New York, before a crowd of fashonistas.

Two days earlier, on Saturday, March 2, an interactive bespoke jewelry bazaar paired jewelry designers with CAD modelers to let people create custom jewels.