Best Online Resources for School Papers

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Writing school papers can be incredibly stressful, particularly if you are trying to maneuver an ocean of Internet resources.  To help you find organized and accessible information, here is a guide to the best online resources for your next school paper:

Digital history
Many school papers will benefit from in-depth historical background with the help of Digital History. Developed by institutions such as the University of Houston, the Chicago Historical Society and the National Park Service, this online resource gives you access to expertly chosen, reliable historical documents. You can access a wide range of primary source documents, including texts by Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. You can also find court cases, historical newspapers and images from hundreds of years ago. For materials beyond America, check out the Perseus Digital Library, which also includes texts from Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Infomine is an extensive database provided by the University of California Riverside libraries and designed by librarians from universities across the country. The Internet has thousands of online information resources, and Infomine directs you toward the right place to look. Consider this a library of libraries, as the program allows you to search for different journals and databases relevant to any topic, including economics, social sciences, literature, science and art. Once you enter your search, the database will display each result with a short description and any additional information, such as whether the resource requires a fee.

Project Gutenberg
Named after the inventor of the printing press, Project Gutenberg also makes thousands of books available for the general population. The collection of free, electronic books is home to over 38,000 books and growing. These books are legally distributed for free in the United States because their copyright has expired. If you suddenly need a last-minute text or the local bookstore is all sold out, Project Gutenberg may have just the book you need.  Books are available for download or can be read online.  If you do not find what you need, you can also access over a million free books on the

U.S. Library of Congress
The Library of Congress has an extensive digital collection that you can access any time. Browse through first person accounts of war from veterans, pictures, newspapers and legislative information. You can also find a variety of multimedia resources, including maps, sound recordings and films right from the website. The library even has website archives, where you can see websites that have been selected by subject specialists.

Citation Machine
Once you have finished writing your paper, you need to put together a bibliography. Different types of papers require different citation styles, and every style is complicated. Luckily, online resources can compile and format your cited works for you.  With the help of the Citation Machine, you simply choose your format style and enter your sources. Using a built-in search function, the website may be able to find your sources and enter the information automatically. You can also fill out a form and provide the source data manually. Once your bibliography has been generated, you can copy and paste or download the file. If you sign up for an account, you can access your bibliography later and work on it over time.