Another Series of 4G iPhone Photos Leaked

One month after Gizmodo leaked photos of a device it said was a prototype of Apple’s fourth-generation iPhone, a Vietnamese website has posted its own series of photos, claiming it, too, has the yet-to-be-released device.

Last month, an Apple engineer left the apparent 4G iPhone in a Silicon Valley beer garden. It was found and sold for $5,000 to tech site Gizmodo, which posted photos and a review. Apple didn't deny the authenticity of the device -- the company just wanted it back.

Now the Vietnamese website Taoviet has published its own scoop on a iPhone prototype. Another tech site,, says this phone is a “more refined prototype than the one obtained by Gizmodo last month.” The photos include a breakdown of the phones's hardware, and according to the, the phone lacks visible screws, is designated as being a 16-gigabite model and has what appears to be an A4 processor—the same processor in the iPad.

Tech blogs have speculated that such leaks may be intentional on Apple’s part to drum up buzz, with saying, “one is an accident, two is a trend.”

Though Apple has not issued an exact release date for the 4G iPhone, the device is expected to hit stores sometime during summer 2010.