$1,150 iPhone X is one shoppers really want

When Apple's iPhone X pre-orders start in a few weeks, it doesn't look like the $999 starting price will be putting shoppers off. In fact, many seem to be planning on stepping up to the even pricier version.

In a survey of 4,000 people, RBC Capital Markets discovered that 28 percent of respondents are planning to get their hands on the iPhone X at some point after the handset's launch on Nov. 3. But perhaps more importantly, 57 percent of those people said that they'd rather buy the $1,149 iPhone X with 256GB of storage than the $999 model with 64GB of available space.

Apple caught some flak last month after revealing that its iPhone X with 64GB of storage would cost customers $999. However, after the show, Apple revealed that the model with even more storage would set customers back $150 more, making it the most expensive iPhone the company has ever sold.

Once the iPhone 8 went on sale, some analysts said that their sluggish sales could be attributed to people waiting for the iPhone X. The iPhone X comes with a revamped design, a screen that nearly covers its face and a new Face ID feature to verify a person's identity.

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Now armed with RBC's survey, which was earlier reported on by BGR, it appears that price isn't a problem for most customers. In fact, it's the cheapest of Apple's new smartphones, the iPhone 8, that has failed to attract customer attention.

According to RBC, just 17 percent of people want the iPhone 8. The bigger and higher-priced iPhone 8 Plus is sought after by 20 percent of customers, according to the survey.

The problem, however, might be buying the iPhone X.

According to several reports, Apple is having trouble manufacturing the iPhone X due to some quirks with its Face ID scanner. That could constrain supply at launch, and potentially for the next several months. Add those supply concerns with demand for the most expensive of iPhones, and it looks like you may have more time to save up for that 256GB model.