Will Grigg's on Fire chant lights up Euro 2016

Will Grigg hasn't had any playing time yet at the European Championship, but a catchy chant featuring the Northern Ireland striker is lighting up the tournament.

The 24-year-old is one of the hits of Euro 2016 thanks to the chant that has gone viral around grounds and on social media, even as he remained rooted to the bench while coach Michael O'Neill's mash-up of lower-league journeymen qualified for the round of 16.

Grigg's absence from the pitch hasn't stopped Northern Ireland fans rocking stadiums in Nice, Lyon and Paris with their take on Gala's dance hit "Freed From Desire."

The twist to the chorus: "Will Grigg's on fire, your defense is terrified."

The chant originates at Grigg's club Wigan Athletic, where he earned fans' adoration by scoring 25 league goals last season to lead the team to promotion to England's second-tier Championship. The club's chairman promised a free season ticket to the fan credited with creating the chant.

Grigg's goals earned him a call-up from O'Neill and in France the chant has turned him into arguably the best-known member of one of the most popular teams in the tournament.

"It's taken off really well, it's a catchy tune," said team mate Steven Davis. "It's gone viral, obviously. I think the player himself he's enjoyed it, it's brought a lot of recognition for him."

The chant is so popular online that it has its own Twitter account which has about 10,000 more followers — 37,500 and counting as of Wednesday — than Grigg's own account.

O'Neill says the chant is part of the reason that many fans in France have got behind the underdog Northern Irish, even supporters of the team's opponents.

In a tournament that has sometimes been overshadowed by hooliganism, the chant has brought fans together.

"In Nice the relationship between the Poland fans and Northern Ireland fans was extremely good," O'Neill said. "I think the Will Grigg song has helped with that."

The chant even brought a moment of levity in one of the usually dour pre-match press conferences, when a reporter asked Germany's Mats Hummels: "I heard a couple of Northern Ireland fans say that your defense is terrified because Will Grigg is on fire. Is that correct?"

"Although I like this song and these actions, I would not like to agree," a grinning Hummels replied.

If anybody is getting tired of the chant after the opening stage of the tournament, it could be the Northern Ireland team itself, which surely has heard it more than anybody else.

"It's been sung a few times," Davis said. "But I think the lads are maybe getting a bit fed up with it now."