What Seinfeld, Magic Johnson and Metallica have in common with the San Jose Sharks

And then there were two.

The San Jose Sharks take on the Pittsburgh Penguins Monday Night in Game One of the Stanley Cup Final.

The Sharks made their NHL debut in 1991 and this will be their FIRST cup final appearance in franchise history.

Speaking of ... remember how cool the 90's were? Great music, movies, and people actually having conversations without cell phones.

Here's a look at ten things that were happening in 1991.

10. The World Wide Web becomes publicly available.

9. Metallica releases The Black Album.

8. Seinfeld was airing its second season after almost not being renewed.

7. Hook, Silence of the Lambs, Point Break and Terminator 2 were released

6. Rage Against the Machine became a band.

5. Parachute pants were a thing.

4. Justin Bieber didn't exist yet.

3. Super Nintendo came out in North America

2. Magic Johnson retired from the lakers

1. Pittsburgh Penguins were the Stanley Cup Champions. What!!!!