Terrelle Pryor reveals the advice Randy Moss gave him on playing WR

Terrelle Pryor left Ohio State as one of the most dynamic quarterbacks to step foot on a college football field. He was a true dual-threat quarterback and a superb athlete playing the position, but his athleticism never carried over to the NFL -- at least at quarterback.

It took a few years, but Pryor has now blossomed into a productive wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns. He made the sacrifice that Tim Tebow wouldn't in order to prolong and save his football career, and it's paying off in a huge way. Why did he do it? Because he loves the game of football more than he enjoys playing quarterback.

"I just looked at it like this. I love the game and I love playing that position but at the same time I have more love for the game than that position," Pryor said on PFT Live. "Ultimately, this game it just means everything to me so I just had to really humble myself and know, 'Hey, you're not good enough to play this position, so let's go and try and do something else.' It takes a lot of humbling of yourself and it takes you to man up and really just own up to 'You didn't do it well and it's time to move forward and try something else that maybe you might be decent at.' That's just where my mind was."

Needless to say, Pryor made the right decision to give up his dream of playing quarterback in the NFL. It was an experiment he tried, and he deserves credit for making the most of his opportunity, but he should be applauded more for switching to wide receiver.

He didn't make the decision by himself, and it wasn't for a lack of advice. One of the game's greatest wideouts, Randy Moss, encouraged Pryor to take on the challenge.

Pryor revealed the advice Moss gave him on Wednesday.

"Tunnel vision," Pryor said. "Stay in tune, block out anything outside and keep that tunnel vision and go forward, no matter what happens. Sometimes games are gonna be bad, sometimes things are gonna happen that you don't want and he said, 'Just keep on going forward because it's a long season and there's a lot of plays to be made.' He said, 'Just make sure when the ball comes to you make the play, period.' That's the type of stuff we talk about all the time."

Pryor has all of the physical traits to be a successful receiver in the NFL. He has the size, speed, and this season, he showed that his hands are good enough to make the difficult catches downfield. Knowing he has Moss in his corner only helps that, and will continue to groom him as he gains more experience.