Super Bowl commercials: 10 worst

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! editors John Galinsky, Kathy Lyford, Jim McCurdie and Scott Wilson review the Super Bowl ads in real-time (or something approximating real-time). Enjoy!

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Focus on the Family -- Tebows

There was a lot of controversy over whether this pro-life ad from Christian group Focus on the Family should have run. Well, if the decision was based solely on quality of the ad, then it shouldn't have run. Mrs. Tebow mumbled and the ad was just lame. -- KL

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Doritos -- It's a miracle

A guy pretends to be dead so he can eat Doritos while enclosed in a coffin. Huh? Not funny and really disgusting. -- KL

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Denny's -- Free Grand Slam

Denny's used this spot to announce its free Grand Slam breakfast promotion. A warning is issued to egg-layers that this will be "a bad day to be a chicken." The message may be a little scrambled here, but hey, a free meal is a free meal. Eggs over easy, please. -- JM

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Bridgestone -- The Choice

Your tires or your life (wife). Super sexy car and a smokin' hot girl. I guess it really doesn't need to make sense. -- KL

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Michelob Ultra -- Lance Armstrong

OK, Michelob Ultra is supposed to be beer that's not as bad for you as other beer. I get that. But it is still beer, right? Are we supposed to accept that Mr. Healthy, Lance Armstrong, one of the most highly conditioned athletes ever, cancer survivor, drinks Michelob Ultra just because it's the healthy beer alternative? I'm not buying it. -- SW

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Budweiser -- Clydesdale's new friend

Bud had decided not to use its Clydesdale horses in a Super Bowl ad until an online fan vote urged them to do so. They shouldn't have bothered. It's a cheesy spot about a baby Clydesdale growing up with a Longhorn steer. When they're full grown, the two see each other and the steer knocks down a fence to reach his childhood buddy. It would be poignant if it wasn't so lame. -- JG

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Honda -- Accord Crosstour

Squirrels collect a lot of stuff. The Honda Accord Crosstour holds a lot of stuff. That doesn't convince me to buy one. -- KL

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