Soldier to J.J. Watt: Be my date for military ball

Just last month, Texans All-Pro defensive end J.J. Watt bemoaned the state of his love life. A viral video may not be the answer to his problem, but Watt apparently could have a date on Dec. 11 if he wants one.

Pvt. Camille Coffey has become the latest member of the armed forces to issue an online invitation to a military ball to a celebrity. Coffey, stationed at Fort Gordon, Georgia, posted a video on Facebook asking Watt to accompany her to the Military Intelligence Brigade's holiday ball.

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"J.J. Watt is just an all-around great guy, much more than just an NFL player," Coffey told Army Times.

Scheduling could be an issue. The ball is on a Friday in Maryland, and the Texans are at home that Sunday against the Patriots.

Still, going as a soldier's date -- that's kind of patriotic, isn't it?