Soccer star from Manchester United reportedly caught in sex scandal involving explicit pics

Manchester United winger Antonio Valencia has reportedly been caught in a sex scandal after sending X-Rated pictures to two women that are not his wife.

Valencia, who was left off his national team squad – Ecuador – against the United States last week, is being accused of sending snapshots of his private parts: one via social media, according to the British tabloid The Sun.

One of the women reportedly told the tabloid, “When I looked him up and saw he has a wife and a child I just thought he was a disgusting creep. I feel like all he wants is sex – nothing else. That’s what he expects. And I don’t want that.”

She added that she never asked for the photos, but that the soccer player would send photos all time of day.

“He usually texted, ‘Hay amor’ followed by a photo of his willy,” the woman told The Sun.

Valencia, 29, is married to Zoila Meneses and they have an 8-year-old daughter named Domenica.

The other woman told The Sun that the soccer player sent photos to her after she congratulated him on Facebook for winning the Premier League title with Manchester United in 2013. She said he would constantly ask her to meet him at a hotel.

“He’s a real scumbag … When I first started messaging him and he replied, I thought it was pretty cool to be speaking to a footballer – especially as he’s my favorite player,” she said. “But he showed no concern whether he destroyed his family home or not.”

According to the U.K.’s Daily Express, Valencia, who has recently suffered a hamstring injury, has denied the allegations.

“Pictures? I’ve not sent any pictures,” he said. “I have nothing to say. I have a wife.”

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