Rousey haters come out after loss to Holm, but she vows Terminator-like, ‘I’ll be back’

The last we saw of Ronda Rousey after her devastating loss to Holly Holm, she was being taken to a hospital. Now the former bantamweight women’s champion and the most famous fighter in MMA, posted a message to her fans on Instagram thanking them for their “love and support.”

Not a word, however, on what might have gone wrong in the octagon in Saturday’s UFC 193 main event in Melbourne, Australia.

UFC President Dana White said in a post-match press conference that Rousey was being treated for a Holm kick to the face in the second round that required stitches.

While he and newly-minted champion Holm were talking about a rematch, the ordinarily voluble Rousey stayed mum until Sunday night, when she posted a message on Instagram that said, “I just wanted to thank everyone for the love and support. I appreciate the concerns about my health, but I’m fine. As I had mentioned before, I’m going to take a little bit of time, but I’ll be back.”

Before the fight, Rousey indicated that she wanted to take a break from MMA and had targeted UFC 200, scheduled for next July in Las Vegas, as a possible return date.

No word on whether that has changed.

Rousey (12-1) has been one of the most intimidating and dominant fighters in UFC, frequently winning bouts in a matter of seconds, rather than minutes, and her cocky attitude has earned her a number of detractors.

Before the bout with Holm, she refused to touch gloves with her opponent, something Lady Gaga called her out on immediately after the defeat.

“That’s what you get for not touching gloves!” the outlandish singer wrote to accompany a photo of Rousey taking a left jab from Holm.

For months, Rousey has been engaged in a battle of words with another undefeated fighter, boxer Floyd Mayweather. The welterweight champion wasted no time to taunt Rousey, albeit on his friend 50 Cent’s Instagram account.

He asked the rap star to post a picture of Rousey Photoshopped into the dying Apollo Creed from Rocky IV.

Laila Ali, Muhammad Ali’s daughter and a former pro boxer, told TMZ, “[Holm] didn’t shock me.”

Asked what Rousey needs to work on, the daughter of the most famous boxer of all time laughed and countered, “Where do I begin?”

Darin Harvey, Rousey's former manager, with whom she broke in 2013 and who is now locked in a legal battle with the fighter, told the website MMA Junkie, “I created a monster ... She believed she was as special as the press made her out to be."

He also took to Instagram to post a text message attributing Rousey's to karma. "Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves," Harvey wrote. "If you’re lucky, God will let you watch.”

But it wasn’t just celebrities and fighters who chimed in about Rousey’s takedown. Even the Republican presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, took to Twitter to crow about it.

“Glad to see that @RondaRousey lost her championship fight last night. Was soundly beaten – not a nice person!”

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