Referee red cards his linesman after a gross scene on the sidelines

Ever see a soccer match that made you feel sick to your stomach? (Cue the Arsenal fans nodding in unison.)

Well, we don't know if it was poor stomach-churning soccer or something else, but the linesman at Dundee vs. Kilmarnock did not have a good time during a Scottish premiership match over the weekend. [Warning: Those with sensitive gag reflexes might not want to watch the video below.]

Referee Craig Thomson did what anyone holding a red card would do: He held it up and left linesman Andrew McWilliam know that what he just did wasn't appreciated.

Of course, McWilliam couldn't really be red-carded out of the game and it was a joke, but there's a kernel of truth to it. In fact, this goes to a show that carrying a red card around might be the ultimatepassive-aggressive way of registering one's disapproval for things you can't do anything about.

While what happenedwas pretty gross,it appears the linesman was fine after this and the matchplayed on to a 1-0 win for Dundee. We're glad you're feeling better, McWilliam.



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