Rams coach Jeff Fisher got a call from his mom for swearing on 'Hard Knocks'

In moving from St. Louis to the star-studded city of Los Angeles, the Rams have been vaulted into the public eye much more than they were in their old home. The fact that they're featured on this season of HBO's "Hard Knocks" puts them even more at the forefront of the NFL.

With that comes some adjusting. Todd Gurley has to get used to being recognized as the guy from the TV commercials, while head coach Jeff Fisher might have to clean up his mouth a bit.

He got a call from his mom after she caught him swearing on the show.

"I got one of these yesterday, 'Jeffrey!'" Fisher said via ESPN. "This is from Mom. So I said, 'Sorry, Mom. That's our world. I'll try to do better.'"

He knew he was in trouble when she used his full name.

"When I hear 'Jeffrey!' It's uh-oh. Something went wrong."

The segment momma Fisher was unhappy about was when the coach let a player go for having a woman in his training camp dorm.

"Little things are important, you follow me?" Fisher said. "I am not (expletive) going 7-9 or 8-8 or 9-7, OK? Or 10-6 for that matter. This team is too talented. I am not going to settle for that, OK? I know what I am doing. We had some 7-9 (expletive) this morning. Now, Deon's gone. That is 7-9 (expletive). We don't need it."

Fortunately, Fisher caught himself and refrained from continuing to use foul language. Had he not, the phone call with his mom may have been much worse.

"I stopped at that point. I could have gone on. You don't know that I didn't go on because there's an edit guy there. So there's a lot of stuff that takes place that is edited."