Poll of recruits says Alabama has the worst uniforms in college fooball

It should come as no surprise that in a poll of 100 college football recruits, Oregon was picked as the program with the best uniforms in the nation - by a large margin - ahead of Baylor and Florida State. The teams recruits say have the worst jerseys in college football, though, are somewhat shocking.

Pick Six Previews asked 100 high school juniors and sophomores a varitey of questions about college football fashion in a very interesting survey, and many recruits admitted that a school's look on the field will influence where they choose to play.

The "worst uniform" results weren't kind to a few college football powerhouses.

1. Alabama

2. Penn State

3. Maryland

(Maryland was also ranked fourth on the list of "best college football uniforms.")

4. Georgia Tech

5. Michigan

6. Wyoming

7. Bowling Green

8. Hawaii

9. Memphis

10. Texas

11. USC