Plane with 'Squish the Commish' banner to fly over Gillette Stadium

When the New England Patriots take the field against the Jacksonville Jaguars today, there will be a buzz in the air -- quite literally.

According to the Boston Globe, a plane will fly over Gillette Stadium on Sunday with a trailing banner that reads "Squish the Commish." Obviously, it's a direct shot at Roger Goodell, who has taken a lot of heat for his role in Deflategate, particularly with regard to Tom Brady's suspension.

The plane is being funded by Patriots fan Kyle Nagel, who's also the proud owner of

"I've just been aggravated about all this crap that's been going on with [Tom] Brady and the football and I wanted to do something. My wife and I were sitting around and she came up with 'Squish the Commish,'" Nagel told the Boston Globe. "The way the whole Deflategate thing has been blown up, it's like Brady is the second coming of the devil. It's totally ridiculous."

The Patriots are familiar with planes pulling banners. They were treated to one in training camp that flew over the practice field reading "Cheaters look up!" -- so this is nothing new for them. Goodell, himself, has had a few experiences with these sorts of planes, as well.

During the offseason, a plane flew over his house on three separate instances. One pulled a banner that read "Commissioner Goodell -- Jet Home to New York," while another wished Brady a happy birthday. The last was a clever play on words for Brady's suspension being overturned: "Roger G. Feelin a Little Deflated?"