Pistons' Reggie Jackson argues refs should be fired for missing calls

Pistons guard Reggie Jackson had the chance to be a hero and extend Detroit's first-round playoff series against Cleveland Sunday with a shot to win at the buzzer, but Jackson launched up a wild off-balance shot that never had a chance. Guarded by Kyrie Irving, Jackson seemingly tried to draw a foul on the play and shot the ball earlier than he needed to despite getting by Irving, but the whistle never blew.

Immediately after missing the shot, Jackson marched over to yell at referee Bill Kennedy.

The Pistons made this series about officiating. Before the first game was even finished, coach Stan Van Gundy had publicly complained on national television about officials letting LeBron James "do what he wants," and was later fined $25,000. Jackson was frequently on edge with officials, and earned a technical foul in Game 1 after blowing up on a ref.

To no one's surprise, Jackson was critical of the officiating in his postgame press conference, and suggested that referees should be forced to miss time if they blow calls.

"I just think refs need to have some kind of system in line... for fines, suspensions, being fired. Same thing happens to us. Make bad plays, or questionable, you're not really being productive to the sport. I think you should have consequences just like the players."