Panthers players trolled Cam Newton with a spectacular parody of his birthday music video

Cam Newton is one of the most interesting players in all of football, and not just because hes a 6-foot-5 athletic freak playing the quarterback position. Hes also a unique personality off the field.

On Instagram, he types in his own weird character font thats near-impossible to read. He wore what sure looked like a romper at Coachella. And for his 28th birthday, he made a music video for 2 Chainzs Birthday Song.

You may have seen it.

Looks like fun, right? Well, he apparently forgot to invite some of his teammates, so they decided to make a spectacular shot-by-shot parody of Cams video.

Seriously. It doesnt get much better than that. And the highlight of the whole thing? The attempted flip at the end of the video.


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Getty Images | Adam Glanzman