ORLANDO, Fla. -- Planking -- the Internet fad that involves lying face down in unusual spaces and having photographic evidence to prove it -- has found its way into the Orlando Magic locker room, FOX Sports Florida reported Tuesday.

Late Monday night, Magic guard Gilbert Arenas, who is known for his unusual, and sometimes costly, antics on Twitter, posted multiple pictures of himself planking around his home.

Not to be outdone by his friend and teammate, All-Star center Dwight Howard responded Tuesday afternoon with a tweet that read, "Plank waaaaaaarrrr."

The message was followed by a number of photos of himself planking around his sprawling Orlando mansion.

Howard's photos include the 6-foot 11-inch man lying flat on top of a Rolls-Royce, a barbecue grill, a soda machine and a toilet, among other objects.

He also posted pictures of himself planking at the Amway Center, a fast-food restaurant and on top of a lawn mower.

Gilbert, to this point, has posted pictures of himself planking in the gym and by the pool.