NBA players getting insane amount of Amazon shipments to bubble

One player brought 103 pairs of sneakers with him

NBA players are ordering an insane amount of packages into their bubble to make them feel at home.

During a segment on ESPN’s “The Jump,” Rachel Nichols explored the shipments coming into the Disney bubble’s massive shipment facility and showed off a wall full of Clorox wipes in storage to clean everything off.

“Guys have had … comforts shipped in to make them feel like at home,” Nichols said. “There’s been a couch that’s come through here, wine coolers. Udonis Haslem from the Heat says that he’s had $5,000 in Amazon orders come here. This is thousands of boxes a day.”

Houston Rockets forward P.J. Tucker told GQ that he brought 103 pairs of sneakers with him to Orlando, and is continuing to receive shipments of more clothes and shoes on a daily basis.

“It’s so funny because I have that many pairs, but when I’m getting dressed, I get anxiety because sometimes there’s something I want to wear and I’m like, ‘Oh s—t, I don’t have it,’” Tucker said. “So I call my sister to be like, ‘Send me these right now.’ It happens everyday, and I have 100 pairs of shoes.”

As Nichols questioned Vernon Peterson, who works at the shipping facility for the NBA bubble, he mentioned several bizarre things that have traveled through. He mentioned someone ordered a large punching bag not to hang, but to put on the walls of the rooms. One player even managed to order a full-size refrigerator, equipped with both a freezer and an ice-maker.

“Video games, you name it they’ve got it,” Patterson said.