Miami Heat Vs. Indiana Pacers, Win Or Go Home

MIAMI - It's a win or go home for the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers in Game 7 in the Eastern Conference finals.

Fans from around the world are willing to pay big bucks for Monday night's game, for a chance to see Lebron James and other Heat players play in the finals. "We go to $1,000," said Vinny Vermeer, who is visiting from Europe.

Ticket brokers are also seeing an increase in ticket prices. "The cheapest courtside that we've sold is about $500 and the most expensive is close to $15,000," said Billy Mixan of White Glove International.

Another Heat hopeful from the rival team's home state is weighing in on Monday night's game. "I'm a Heat fan. The funny thing is I'm from Indiana," said Brian Lange. "I'm looking forward to everybody, besides Lebron, stepping up and doing their jobs. I'm getting sick of Lebron having to carry the weight of the entire Heat."

Now from the dunks to the defense, it all comes down to one crucial game for the Miami Heat and their fans.

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Sports 790 The Ticket radio talk show host Brendan Tobin hopes the team can rebound from Saturday's dissapointing defeat. "It's not going to be less playing time for Wade or Bosh. I mean you're going to need those guys to play well, if you're going to win," he said. "They have the kind of game like they had in Game 6, they're not going to win. It's that simple."

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