McGwire: It's 'fantastic' to have Aaron's support

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One day after Henry Aaron said Mark McGwire has done everything he can to apologize for his past steroid use, the new Cardinals hitting coach said it was "fantastic" to have support from the longtime home run king.

"Henry's been a guy that I've always looked up to, since I've been a youngster, seeing him hit 715 against the Dodgers and Al Downing," McGwire said Tuesday, after the Cardinals' first full-squad workout this spring.

"I have a picture of him hanging in my office. He's a great man, a great man."

Aaron also said Monday that it is "nice to have (McGwire) back" in the majors, according to the Associated Press. McGwire had been linked to steroids for years before admitting in January that he had taken performance-enhancing drugs.

"I would have loved to have seen him do it a long time ago, but since he did it, I think that he himself will tell you right now he's able to sleep at night and he's able to look at his teammates," Aaron told the AP. "He's done everything that he can do."

McGwire said Tuesday: "It's regrettable, what's happened, what I've done. I have to live with it. It's very encouraging that people in the game -- and people in general -- have been very supportive. To do what I've done -- come out clean and let it go off my chest -- hopefully everybody can start moving forward."