Mail-it-in Friday: Should the Colts shut down Luck for the season?

I was so ready.

My hot take was primed. When news broke on Tuesday that Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck was going to miss two to six weeks with a torn abdominal muscle and a lacerated kidney, of all things, I freaked out. It's one thing to have turf toe, broken arm, torn rotator cuff or even a ruptured Achilles.

It's another thing entirely to injure a major organ. You don't mess around with things like that. Playoff races and regular-season wins shouldn't just take a backseat at a time like this, they should be throw in the trunk under the spare tire.

So, I took to Twitter and posted this week's topic for Mail-it-in Friday: Should the Colts shut down Andrew Luck for the rest of the season? My answer was a resounding YES! OF COURSE! WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE PROTECT ANDREW! HE'S A HUMAN BEING, YOU PHILISTINES!!

Then, I had a conversation that changed my mind.


Full disclosure: Both my parents are physicians (they combine to cover pulmonology, critical care sleep medicine, and pediatrics) -- which makes me a stereotype of the worst kind. A spoiled Indian kid with no sense of reality who nobody should root for. I've made my peace with it, so let's move on.

Anyway, having parents with jobs such as this can be a valuable resource, even if it made it impossible to stay home from school with a fake illness during my grade school years.

Here's a conversation I had with my Dad via text message on Wednesday:

Me: Random question: Did you hear about Andrew Luck's injury?

Dad: Yes. Kidney contusion can be serious. (I enjoy reading that text using my Dad's slight Indian accent)

Me: They said kidney laceration, that's the same thing?

Dad: Worse. You pee out blood and kidney can shut down

Me: Wow, the Colts are saying he'll be out 2-6 weeks. Is that realistic?

Dad: Yes. Kidneys can recover in less than 2 weeks. He is young and should do fine.

Really? Two weeks, eh?

OK, maybe I overestimated the seriousness of the injury just a tad. However, why not check with Mom? She's also a physician and also has the motherhood cache. Surely, a parent wouldn't want their child to risk life and limb after a serious injury?

So, I went back to the iPhone:

Me: Hi Mom! Random question: If I suffered a lacerated kidney while playing football, would you want me to give up the sport?

Mom: Of course!!!! (Yes, there were four exclamation marks.)

Me: But what if my team really needed me?

Mom: You wouldn't be allowed to play till it healed.

Me: No i know, but once it healed, I'd have to play again if my team was in a playoff race

Mom: If ultrasound, CT scan & kidney function are normal, you could play, but as a mother I would prefer that you not take the risk of re-injuring the kidney.

Me: I would totally take that risk!

Mom: Why are we having this discussion?

Well, there you have it, folks. It appears that Andrew Luck will be just fine to return from this injury once he's healed up.

And while my Dad doesn't seem concerned about Luck playing football again this season, it is clear Mom was weirded out by my line of questioning. Not the first time that's happened.

Anyway, let's get your thoughts!



I agree with you. This team isn't getting to the Super Bowl without serious help. And by serious help, I mean something would need to happen to Tom Brady or Andy Dalton. And Gronk. And Bill Belichick.

The AFC race is all about the Bengals and Patriots this season.


Yep, thank god for the AFC South, amirite Colts fans? Matt Hasselbeck is more than capable of winning this division in Luck's absence. Who is in second place? The Texans? Ewwww!

I say sit Andrew for the rest of the regular season and make sure he's 100 percent ready to go for the postseason. He'll be fresh and ready for a quick exit. Then he can spend the offseason getting even stronger and putting this odd 2015 behind him.


You're right, it is funny. I mean, not "funny haha" or anything like that, but very curious.

Makes you wonder if these things happen in threes, like celebrity deaths. If that's the case, which NFL player is next?


Why did you choose 150 percent? Did 200 percent sound weird?

I find that when I'm trying to really put a pin on a point I'm making, I jump from "100 percent" to "1,000 percent".

"I agree a thousand percent!"

I wouldn't say, "I agree 675 percent!" Doesn't have an attractive ring to it.


Somebody's got to go. Grigson or Pagano. Pretty sure it's going to be Pagano. The coach is usually the odd man out in battles with the front office (see: Marty Schottenheimer vs. AJ Smith or Jim Harbaugh vs. Trent Baalke). Well, unless your last name is Belichick.


Michelle, where you before I talked to my parents? I respect your emotion and liberal use of capital letters.


Thanks for nothing, Debbie. What a wishy-washy answer.


Oh. My bad. Thanks!

Arts & Craftsy Tina,

First of all, I love your Twitter handle. Really gives people a good idea of the type of person you are. I'm considering changing mine to "Chubby and Cheerful Sid".

Anyway, I agree with your point. I don't want the Colts to have any input on this. I don't want anyone associated with the NFL giving their opinion. The only person who should make the decision on Andrew's health is his physician.

However, I believe that we in the public should be allowed to speculate wildly. It's fun, right?

Anyway, I'm going text my parents and thank them for humoring me. See you next time!