Legendary Los Angeles Dodgers announcer Vin Scully was doing some holiday shopping at a Costco Wednesday when he lost his 1988 World Series ring.

Scully told the Los Angeles Times he lost the ring in a bag of ribs.

"I feel like such a dummy," Scully said with a laugh. "Only Scully could lose a ring while putting meat in a bag."

Scully, an apparent Costco extraordinaire, was doing shopping with his wife Tuesday. Approaching the meat department, Scully’s wife Sandi pointed out some ribs. Scully grabbed the ribs and put it on top of an already overflowing carriage.

Once the items Scully and his wife bought for their five children and 16 grandchildren and packed into their car, Scully noticed his ring was missing.

"I said, 'Oh my God, I've lost my ring,' " he said.

The 65-year TV icon told the assistant general manager he had lost his ring.

At that point, the Dodgers’ social media team put out a tweet asking fans to keep a keen eye out for the ring. Luckily, the ring turned up.

When the couple returned home, Sandi screamed in joy that she found the ring mixed in with the ribs. Scully immediately let Costco know about the discovery.

With an already depleted work schedule, the 87-year-old plans to call every Dodgers home game and road games in Anaheim and San Francisco next season.

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