It looks like Trent Richardson crushed Ravens' weight-loss challenge

The Baltimore Ravens recently signed Trent Richardson after he reportedly met some physical benchmarks imposed by the team.

Now, we have some photographic evidence of his transformation.

His former teammate at Alabama, Mike McCoy, posted before and after photos of Richardson on Instagram showing Richardson at about 240 lbs and more recently at 218 lbs.

The difference is striking -- and obviously what the Ravens were hoping to see. He's even under his listed playing weight from his college days.

McCoy predicts a career turnaround for the sleeker Richardson, adding this comment to his post:

"For all the people who counted this man out!!! Trust me when I tell you he is war ready, he is in the best shape of his life and a mindset of a King focused on the next territory to conquer! He will shock the NFL this year... Go shine like the star you are my guy!!!"

He definitely looks the part. Now, it's time to see if it pays off on the field.