Former NFL punter says he was thrown out of Planet Fitness for 'excessive grunting'

Super Bowl champion and fitness fanatic Steve Weatherford went a little too hard in a Planet Fitness, and he posted a video last week after he says he was thrown out of the gym for "excessive breathing/grunting."

"So I have trained at well over 1,000 gyms all over the world. Not 1 time have I ever been approached and asked to "tone it down"...

Today I was unceremoniously kicked out of@planetfitness for excessive breathing/grunting.

A gym should be a place that encourages, motivates, and inspires you to build the best version of yourself possible. Not a place that has a built in siren the manager activates when someone is working hard and breathes heavily.

I'm embarrassed to say I paid $20 to this establishment. I'm fortunate to be an overly confident person. Can you imagine how embarrassing this would be to someone trying hard to change their image through hard work and they let a more than quiet breath out.

The gym can already be a very intimidating place, clients don't need to worry about being completely humiliated for working hard."

Planet Fitness refers to the siren Weatherford mentions as the "Lunk alarm."

"We believe no one should ever feel Gymtimidated by Lunky behavior and that everyone should feel at ease in our gyms, no matter what his or her workout goals are."

Weatherford regularly shares videos of his (intense) workouts on Instagram and Snapchat.

(Thanks to @bachscore for sharing this story.)