Fans weigh in: Wins should be vacated after failed inspections

We asked and you, the fans, answered.

After Sunday's opening Chase for the Sprint Cup race at Chicagoland Speedway, race-winner Martin Truex Jr. and 12th-place finisher Jimmie Johnson, failed the post race Laser Inspection Station (LIS), twice.

The amount was only by what a NASCAR spokesman called, "the lowest possible level."

While the specifics of the penalties for Truex and Johnson haven't been announced, NASCAR said after the race that nullifying Truex's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 400 win wasn't an option because of the aforementioned "lowest possible level."

We decided to see what you, the fans, thought about this and the results were strongly in favor (60 percent) of revoking wins after a failed post-race inspection, no matter the circumstances of the failure.

It appears that NASCAR disagrees with the majority of fans who believe that being off by 0.030ths of an inch in an inspection is the same as running nitrous oxide boost or a 30-gallon fuel tank.

Of course it isn't, but that's something the sport will have to address throughout the Chase when these infractions occur.

Especially with so many fans (at least the ones who voted in our poll) feeling like any infraction is a form of cheating that should be severly punished.

Slightly more than 1/4th of fans appeared to agree with NASCAR and voted that it depended on the severity of the infraction, while 15 percent said that once the winner is decided, he should keep the victory.

With the expectation of the penalties being announced Wednesday and nine more races remaining in the Chase, this won't be the last time you'll hear the term Laser Inspection Station this season.