Derek Wolfe says doctors believe seizure stemmed from spinal cord injury in preseason

Derek Wolfe says he's finally healthy after suffering a seizure in November that doctors now believe was related to the spinal cord injury he suffered in the preseason.

In an interview outside his home with Denver television stations KCNC and KMGH this week, the Broncos' defensive lineman said he's back up to 280 pounds, having regained 20 of the 30 pounds he lost last season, and will resume training next week.

Wolfe was sidelined for 10 days in August after his arms and legs went numb following a hit in a preseason game at Seattle on Aug. 17. He was cleared in time for the opener against Baltimore.

Then, on a bus ride to the airport for a flight to Kansas City on Nov. 29, Wolfe suffered a seizure and was taken to University Hospital in Denver.