Cris "Cyborg" Justino certainly seems determined to do whatever it takes to get the attention of UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

The latest stab took place on Twitter late Tuesday night following Rousey's latest response to the Brazilian during her question and answer session on Reddit.

When asked for her sincere opinion about Cyborg, Rousey ranted on the former Strikeforce champion while saying that the problem with putting them together for a fight had nothing to do with weight -- it was all about money.

"She's just waiting to be offered enough money to get her ass kicked, cause she knows she'll get her ass kicked," Rousey said on Monday. "I know for a fact she can make the weight. She consulted with Mike Dolce (my current nutritionist) before I ever started working with him, and after consulting with her he said he could get her in 'the best shape of her life' at 135."

It didn't take long for Cyborg to get wind of Rousey's latest verbal assault and she took to Twitter to unleash her own rebuttal while using the champion's own words against her:

The term "do nothing b--ch" was coined by Rousey prior to her last fight against Bethe Correia and it even spawned a charity T-shirt featuring the call letters "DNB" with a portion of the proceeds from the sales going to a fund to help women with body image issues. The Ronda Rousey "DNB" shirts have sold over 29,000 units in just a few days.

From the sound of things, Cyborg might be one of those buying customers with the intention of sending it back to Rousey following her brazen comments on Monday night.

Whether this latest attack will get Rousey's attention or convince the UFC to forgo their plan to make Cyborg cut down to 135 pounds at least one time before getting a fight with Rousey remains to be seen.

Chances are this will just spur the ongoing feud between the two fighters until they can finally meet in the Octagon and settle their differences once and for all.